There are much more than Just one type of teen;There are the ones that are nice and the ones that are mean.There are conceited preppies or snobs;Muscle bound morons and fat little blobsThere are the anarchists and rebels;Freshmen called pebbles.There are the jocks and the nerds;Obnoxious little terds.Some girls are toads and some are…Wow!There are … Read more

Exam Week

Exam week ! Exam week !Time to see who’s brave or meek !If you studied you’11 do real well;And if you didn’t your life will be a living hell.Studg those phrases! Learn those verbs!Remember the make up of those garden herbs.Dot those I’s! Cross those T’s!What did you learn about the birds and the bees?be … Read more


I feel insignificant to the rest of the earth;It wouldn’t have mattered if I would have died at birth.During mg life I haven’t changed a thing;My voice keeps cracking I can’t even sing.I feel insignificant, no greatness have I achieved;I’ve had no real sorrow in my life and have never really grieved.I think that I … Read more

The Doctor’s Office

You walk 1n the office and sit right down;You take a magazine without a sound.You hear screams of terror and pain from within;And the seat that you have chosen smells worse than sin.The nurse comes out with a evil grin;You wonder to yourself “Where the heck has she been?”She sadistically growls “You’re next.”So you follow … Read more

Compulsive Pencil Sharpener

I think I’ve turned into a compulsive pencil sharpener;I have an uncle Ed, He’s a carpenter.Sharpening pencils has to be done;I think it’s an obsession; It’s no longer Fun.Sharpening pencils is my way of life;If I can’t sharpen pencils, I sharpen a knife.I get up from mg seat to sharpen the lead;I dream of sharpening … Read more