Compulsive Pencil Sharpener

I think I’ve turned into a compulsive pencil sharpener;I have an uncle Ed, He’s a carpenter.Sharpening pencils has to be done;I think it’s an obsession; It’s no longer Fun.Sharpening pencils is my way of life;If I can’t sharpen pencils, I sharpen a knife.I get up from mg seat to sharpen the lead;I dream of sharpening … Read more

The Easter Bunny

Once there was a rabbit; Who had a nasty habit. Said I to he, “What can this nasty habit be?” Said he to me, “Stick around, you’ll see.” And with that he started to dance, And he started to run and he started to prance; And then on my shoe he did sit. Then he … Read more

A Blossom

Out on the waterNothing around;A blossom floats awaywithout a sound. On through the day,On through the night;A Blossom Floats away,way out of sight. Now comes a storm,It comes so strong;It blows the blossomright along. The storm was Fierce,The waves were tall;But the little blossom,survived it all. BY: Matt Vrtis


Pressure is something you shouldn’t fear. Don’t let it get to you. Don’t shed a tear. Pressure. Pressure. That’s and aweful word. It’s one word that shouldn’t be heard. Pressure. Pressure. Is something you feel. Like the night before exams as you eat your last meal. Pressure. Don’t let it get to you. ‘Cause when … Read more

It’s Cool to be a Schizophrenic

It’s cool to be a schizophrenic;To be two people causes panic.You can get twice as much done;And have twice as much fun.You can have twice as many clothes;And own twice as many G.I. Joes.It’s cool to ba a schizophrenic;Especially when your psychopathic.Schizophrenic are here to rule;They’ll. come to your town and control the school.If you … Read more