The Doctor’s Office

You walk 1n the office and sit right down;
You take a magazine without a sound.
You hear screams of terror and pain from within;
And the seat that you have chosen smells worse than sin.
The nurse comes out with a evil grin;
You wonder to yourself “Where the heck has she been?”
She sadistically growls “You’re next.”
So you follow her and feel perplexed.
Past rows and rows oF chairs and tools;
A patient smiles and starts to drool.
You meet the doctor all damp and cold;
He’s ugly and smells stale, like mold.
He wickedly smlles and sadistically grins;
And then you notice the blood on his chln.
He says “Come in. Take a seat. “
You sit down and feel the the blood rush to your feet.
He pulls out a needle and fills it with something like Raid;
And you hope to yourself that your insurance is paid.
Then he jabs the needle clear through your arm;
Causing you a great deal of agonizing harm.
You scream in pain and start to shout;
But its to late, You just blacked-out.
Now over your body the doctor does loom;
’cause no one escapes from the SYRINGE OF DOOM!

BY: Matt Vrtis