Exam Week

Exam week ! Exam week !
Time to see who’s brave or meek !
If you studied you’11 do real well;
And if you didn’t your life will be a living hell.
Studg those phrases! Learn those verbs!
Remember the make up of those garden herbs.
Dot those I’s! Cross those T’s!
What did you learn about the birds and the bees?
be prepared for those half days;
My biology teachers going through his mid-life phase.
It’s exam weekl No time to play;
What’s the definition for a line and a ray?
Keep your cool, don’t let the pressure get to you;
Make sure your grades are better than a 72.
It’s exam week and you shouldn’t cram;
Or you’ll remember little for that exam.
Just remember, before you take that test.
Get plenty of sleep and plenty of rest.

BY: Matt Vrtis