I feel insignificant to the rest of the earth;
It wouldn’t have mattered if I would have died at birth.
During mg life I haven’t changed a thing;
My voice keeps cracking I can’t even sing.
I feel insignificant, no greatness have I achieved;
I’ve had no real sorrow in my life and have never really grieved.
I think that I shall change the world little;
I think that life sucks; It’s just too damn brittle!
I feel insignificant although my life has had some glee;
But I have found no stable happiness for me.
when I speak to someone I am seldom heard;
You think they’d listen to me? Don’t be absurd.
I feel insignificant, I speak before I think
my life is like a rock dropped in water, all it does is sink.
what I have to say doesn’t really matter;
But I have to take a pee now, ’cause I got a full bladder.

BY: Matt Vrtis