Compulsive Pencil Sharpener

I think I’ve turned into a compulsive pencil sharpener;
I have an uncle Ed, He’s a carpenter.
Sharpening pencils has to be done;
I think it’s an obsession; It’s no longer Fun.
Sharpening pencils is my way of life;
If I can’t sharpen pencils, I sharpen a knife.
I get up from mg seat to sharpen the lead;
I dream of sharpening pencifs when I’m in bed.
I sharpen the lead then I sharpen the wood;
I would stop if only I could.
Being a compulsive pencil sharpener is a poor thing to be;
But if I stop it may mean great grief For me.
If I can’t sharpen pencils I feel faint,;
I imagine the smell of brand new paint.
If I sharpen pencils I’ll be just fine;
And remember a sharp pencil is a sign of a sharp mind.

BY: Matt Vrtis