Waterveliet and Vacations

The first part of this is a hydro race on Paw Paw Lake – launching from Uncle Louie’s property (toward the end of the boat race scene there are boats also launching from Aunt Rosaleen’s beach – you can see the newly built house (Overson’s / now Hal’s) and you can see Dad’s cottage on … Read more

Uncle Paul’s Family – Short video

This is a picnic with our family and Uncle Paul’s family. (There might be some of Uncle Bill’s family in there too, there are some kids who look familiar but not from Uncle Paul’s group.) Not sure what picnic site.  Don’t think it was Crooked Creek – too level.  Might be one of the groves … Read more


There are much more than Just one type of teen;There are the ones that are nice and the ones that are mean.There are conceited preppies or snobs;Muscle bound morons and fat little blobsThere are the anarchists and rebels;Freshmen called pebbles.There are the jocks and the nerds;Obnoxious little terds.Some girls are toads and some are…Wow!There are … Read more

Exam Week

Exam week ! Exam week !Time to see who’s brave or meek !If you studied you’11 do real well;And if you didn’t your life will be a living hell.Studg those phrases! Learn those verbs!Remember the make up of those garden herbs.Dot those I’s! Cross those T’s!What did you learn about the birds and the bees?be … Read more


I feel insignificant to the rest of the earth;It wouldn’t have mattered if I would have died at birth.During mg life I haven’t changed a thing;My voice keeps cracking I can’t even sing.I feel insignificant, no greatness have I achieved;I’ve had no real sorrow in my life and have never really grieved.I think that I … Read more