The Doctor’s Office

You walk 1n the office and sit right down;You take a magazine without a sound.You hear screams of terror and pain from within;And the seat that you have chosen smells worse than sin.The nurse comes out with a evil grin;You wonder to yourself “Where the heck has she been?”She sadistically growls “You’re next.”So you follow … Read more

Pedal Pushers: Part Two

I wrote this story back the early 90’s. I had read an article in the Chicago magazine, describing a bicycle trip from Chicago to Milwaukee. I was just about to turn 40, and inspired by that article, I convinced my son Jeremy (about 14 years old at the time,) and my younger brother Jim and … Read more

Things My Father Built

It turns out that Ray did indeed build the trebuchet on his own. But the story is still interesting. Many years ago, my grandson Andrew and I were making a snap-together plastic airplane model. He was about 5 years old, and he had already become quite good building them. Good enough to build them himself. … Read more

Swallow Cliffs

Those of you from the Chicago area probably remember the Palos Toboggan Chutes (officially Swallow Cliffs). For those of you who haven’t.. These were probably the most awesome winter entertainment available. There are other places to go Tobogganing, some even have chutes (Ryan’s Woods on the south side was another spot that had chutes). But … Read more

Compulsive Pencil Sharpener

I think I’ve turned into a compulsive pencil sharpener;I have an uncle Ed, He’s a carpenter.Sharpening pencils has to be done;I think it’s an obsession; It’s no longer Fun.Sharpening pencils is my way of life;If I can’t sharpen pencils, I sharpen a knife.I get up from mg seat to sharpen the lead;I dream of sharpening … Read more