Uncle Pete – I

This was the first picnic I’ve been to since Uncle Pete became famous… so I had to spend some time explaining who Uncle Pete was. Aunt Marge was sure there were no Pete’s in the family… Uncle Bill did pass along some more stories. Including one about Uncle Tom and his buddies. Uncle Tom worked … Read more

Uncle Pete – H

Not NEARLY as exciting as Nick’s but it is typical Uncle Pete stuff. One of Pete’s birthday presents was a canoe – and yes, it fits on top of the MINI and I will send pictures soon. The day he bought it and loaded on to the MINI for the ride home, he also picked … Read more

Uncle Pete – G

I thought that you all might enjoy this latest Uncle Pete episode. And here is “the rest of the story”….. When last we left Uncle Pete, he was in 4 feet of water and 3 feet of muck. At the end of 80 feet of dock, along side a pontoon boat. The ladder that would … Read more

Uncle Pete – F

Uncle Pete was over visiting us yesterday. And as was his custom, he was down by the dock trying to hit the fish on the head with the lure. So.. on the last cast of the evening, he finally hits a small pike. The pike, as is normal for them, heads directly to the lily … Read more

Uncle Pete – E

This is the start of the Uncle Pete Saga, as written by Jimmy Vrtis (Jim’s middle child, or Jim’s Grandson depending on your point of reference.) For those of you who know Uncle Pete, pass it along to the VBB. My dad is off line for a while, his computer in en route to Andrew, … Read more