Uncle Pete – D

Pete’s birthday… Good question. I would guess he was born on the feast of St. Peter the apostle, and died on the feast of Sts. Peter & Paul. Anyone got a calendar? Let’s see… he must have been the firstborn because he took the fall for a lot of us. That would make Chuck the … Read more

Uncle Pete – C

Did anybody ever tell you of the time Uncle Pete tried to burn out a big stack of brush out at the cottage??? He figured it’d start a lot faster if he threw some gasoline on it before he lit it.Then he figured that he should try to light it near the center of the … Read more

Uncle Pete – B

I remember one time Pete was starting one of those table top hibachi’s with a Bic lighter, after the hibachi started he left the lighter on the table under the hibachi ( how hot can it get?) — went inside and came back out only to find a couple of small fragments of the Bic … Read more

Uncle Pete – A

Seems Jeremy gave his nephew Andrew a box Magic Tricks as a Christmas present. Andrew opened it up, and asked Jeremy to help him master some of the tricks. Among the tricks was a miniature guillotine. Uncle Pete picked it up and decided to play with it. No sense in reading the directions, he was … Read more

Uncle Pete

Uncle Pete is the famous brother we never had. We have used him as an example of dangerous acts that our kids need to avoid. And maybe even to hide the actual identity of the person who actually did the deed.KIDS. DO NOT TRY THESE AT HOME (or even away from home) I’ve tried to … Read more