Uncle Pete – G

I thought that you all might enjoy this latest Uncle Pete episode.

And here is “the rest of the story”…..

When last we left Uncle Pete, he was in 4 feet of water and 3 feet of muck. At the end of 80 feet of dock, along side a pontoon boat. The ladder that would help him climb onto the dock or the pontoon boat is nicely folded and out of the way.. on the deck of the pontoon boat. If you have never had the pleasure of trying to haul yourself up by your arms, you will not appreciate his feeling at the moment.

Once he gets out, he heads up to the house to get his spare pair of glasses, so he can at least see a little, and get some assistance from Mel and Michee (who do offer to help.. about a half hour later when they can stop laughing long enough to get up off the floor…).

So, they all go back down to the dock, and turn the pontoon boat around (so that the front.. which is has a nice convenient door in the railing) so that Uncle Pete can retrieve the net that is still floating in the lily pads.

Whereupon they notice some lily pads still moving… Seems the pike was too smart for himself and had woven the scarf with him inside…. So, Uncle Pete takes the net and scoops up the pike and a half ton of lily pad parts. Removes the hook from the fish, and sets him free.

I never knew that a pike could laugh like that!