Pete Jr.

It is refreshing to learn that the grand “Pete” tradition did not die out with Uncle Pete, and his legacy and talents have passed down to the next generation.

Pete Jr. calls Dad…

Dad—-decided to stay here instead of going over to friends house, going to keep the fire going that you had earlier and have a bonfire with friends….”

Uncle Pete in car–…
— Very hesitantly responds—— OK, but don’t do anything stupid. (thinking to himself what would he do) no flaming sword fights, no throwing on everything that would burn to see how big a fire you can attain…. And most importantly no gas… Nothing stupid OK… I am trusting you son…

Uncle Pete calls back five minutes later… still on the road….
Jr… Remember nothing stupid OK… Hows it going??…

Pete Jr.::
Fine dad we are just sitting around the fire…

Uncle Pete::
OK Jr.— No planes have landed in the yard thinking it’s a landing field right?…

Pete Jr.
No Dad nothing stupid…

Uncle Pete
OK. Be good. Remember I am trusting you… NOTHING STUPID right?

Uncle Pete arrives home, everything is still up– house and sheds accounted for, no fire trucks, fire pit hasn’t expanded beyond its boundaries… hmmm apparently the son isn’t a chip off the old block…

FAST FORWARD next day..

After spending all day with Jr, Uncle Pete decides to go shopping…

Jr. calls….
Dad ???

Uncle Pete
Yes Jr.

I think we need a new toilet.

Uncle Pete
Why? What happened??

Well you know yesterday when my friends were over, and you know how you were all excited about finding those fireworks when you were cleaning the garage?

Uncle Pete:
What does this have to do with a new toilet….??? Which toilet?

The toilet in the basement.

Uncle Pete
The toilet looked fine… I didn’t use it but looked OK… What happened?


Uncle Pete

Well I thought it would just spray some water out… not bust the bottom out….

Ahhhhh he is a chip off the old block after all….

I mean Uncle Pete wants to get mad, but he was cracking up all the way to the hardware store…

Of course—Jr. doesn’t know that, he is waiting for the other shoe…

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