Where is Happiness?

Originally, this appeared at www.endsite.com. The first web site in our family. It is from a collection of street poems written by Matthew Vrtis. The site is being remodeled, and I wanted to make sure that at least this one didn’t get lost. Every time I read it, I get reminded to not get caught … Read more

Dear Charlie

The following is the transcript of a letter that Mike found while looking through some old photos. It was written from my Dad to my oldest brother Charles. Dad was stationed in Naples, Italy at the time, shortly after Germany had surrendered. Chuck was probably about a year old at the time. Dear Charlie,Wonder if … Read more

Dad Swore

Somebody started a discussion about Poison Ivy. If you live in the midwest, this plant is the basis of a whole lot of discussion. Sort of a “badge of courage” store. This popped up in one of the discussion threads from my brother Mike. And I will say that I don’t remember my dad swearing … Read more

Burial of Chuck

We buried my brother Chuck on Sunday, August 25th, 2013. These are some thoughts written by my brother Mike. Every so often in one’s life, something occurs which goes beyond “memorable” to being “unforgettable.” It causes you to think deeply. It changes the way you look at life. I have been reporting the past few … Read more