Where is Happiness?

Originally, this appeared at www.endsite.com. The first web site in our family. It is from a collection of street poems written by Matthew Vrtis. The site is being remodeled, and I wanted to make sure that at least this one didn’t get lost. Every time I read it, I get reminded to not get caught up in WANTING to be happy instead of BEING happy.

Someone once asked me where they could find happiness.
I told them “right here” and showed them a penny.

I remember once,
when I was little
and we were moving
and all my toys were packed,
I had nothing to do.
So my folks gave me a dish full of pennies
to play with.

That was cool.
Pushing the pennies around on the carpet
making different shapes with them
by arranging them in different ways.

If you can find Happiness in little, insignificant things, You can find it anywhere.