Dad Swore

Somebody started a discussion about Poison Ivy. If you live in the midwest, this plant is the basis of a whole lot of discussion. Sort of a “badge of courage” store. This popped up in one of the discussion threads from my brother Mike.

And I will say that I don’t remember my dad swearing much if ever.

There was a story I heard.
I don’t remember if it was from Mom or Dad.
According to the story-teller, the ONLY time my Dad swore at my Mom was when they were first married. They were in Michigan in the autumn, clearing the lots and building one of the original cottages out there. Dad was working, and Mom came up to him with a huge armload full of these “beautiful leaves.” Dad said, what the H*LL are you doing, Marion. THAT’S POISON IVY!!”

Mom cried.

And Dad never swore at her again.

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