In Honor of Thomas I. Vrtis

Technically, this isn’t a Eulogy, but it is a beautiful tribute to one of my Uncles by one of his daughters-in-law. A Voice Forever Silent Speaks Through the Generations By Deborah Faye Vrtis Wife of William Charles Vrtis We drove 1100 miles To see him one last time The father of my husband Succumbed to … Read more

Another Night Before Christmas

Jeremy wrote this for his Dad on Christmas season when things were tight and his Dad was working two jobs. Twas a week before Christmas   and all through the house….The only creatures stirring were the cats looking for a mouse.The children(?) were all fast asleep in their beds.   And even Jeremy had 5 pillows beneath his head…Mom’s … Read more


My daughter and son-in-law volunteered to be presenters at the Pre-Cana conferences at their church. They shared their communications experiences and notes from when they first got together. I thought it might prove helpful to others. When I first met Nikki, I knew only one thing for absolute certainty: Regardless of anything else in this … Read more

Dad’s Poem

This was a poem that we found among my dads stuff as we were sorting things after he died. My brother Mike had it posted up at Dad’s funeral. I thought that it was a very meaningful set of thoughts. Something that everybody could use to live by, and I can see that my Dad … Read more

Class of 2008

Making a speech at your graduation is an accomplishment and privilege for anyone. Making a speech that contains the words of this one truely requires wisdom and courage. This is a young lady that I am proud to say is related to me. Let me start by congratulating all my class mates on making it … Read more