In Honor of Thomas I. Vrtis

Technically, this isn’t a Eulogy, but it is a beautiful tribute to one of my Uncles by one of his daughters-in-law.

A Voice Forever Silent Speaks Through the Generations

By Deborah Faye Vrtis
Wife of William Charles Vrtis

We drove 1100 miles
To see him one last time
The father of my husband
Succumbed to the illness he could no longer fight

He quietly died four days later
With his beautiful bride by his bed
As she held his hand and called his name
Sobbing tears she’ll forever shed

The four brothers joined together
From around the world they came
To say goodbye to him and bury their father
And to share each other’s pain

Along with the tears of sorrow
Stories of days gone by were told
A bit of laughter to remember
A lot of love to hold

The brothers and two grandsons carried him to his grave
To lay beside dear, sweet Sue
On a beautiful, sunny day
They gave him one last salute

The brothers have now gone home
Each went their separate way
To bear their grief and to carry on
The sons of a father great

They are good men, these brothers
Who echo the heartbeat of Tom
The kind of men who make this country great
Quick of mind and voices strong

And with the strength that’s in their blood
They will keep his memory, values and tradition alive
Through the stories… the Rosary… the flag… the hoska and poppy seed…
And with love and tears and laughter, let the world go by

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