Another Night Before Christmas

Jeremy wrote this for his Dad on Christmas season when things were tight and his Dad was working two jobs.

Twas a week before Christmas
   and all through the house….
The only creatures stirring were the cats looking for a mouse.
The children(?) were all fast asleep in their beds.
   And even Jeremy had 5 pillows beneath his head…
Mom’s on the courch watching MTV…
   and Dad’s in bed as tired as can be…
When all of a sudden there rose such a clatter
   that it woke the father and he sent to see what was the matter
It was hours later, the alarm went off,
   Mom was still sleeping, but she had a slight cough.
Off to work the man goes, is it all worth it,
   he only knows.
He works very hard to buy presents
   with bows.
But he rarely gets thanks for all his woes.
When his eyes see a note left at his place.
With writing that goes all over the place.
It is a humorous (hopefully<-editor’s note) note from his only son…
Who just wants to let his Dad know that
   he appreciates all the work his father has done.
This poem must end with a line just right…
So “Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!”

Just wanted to say “Thanks for being you!”
Smile or at least try to!

Jeremy Vrtis – 1990

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