Road Rules

Three Men & A Lady

These rules were written as part of the wonderful trip notes that my brother Mike wrote after a road trip he took.  It was Mike, my older brother Chuck, my 82 year old Dad, and a cute little cocker spaniel named Lady. Good title for a movie… “Three men and a lady”..

Rule one – Don’t let Dad navigate!
Rule two – If you’re going to take a pet, make sure it’s cute.
Rule three – Get a hotel near a restaurant.
Rule four – Always enter your major cities at rush hour.. it allows you to see the city at a more leisurely pace.
Rule five – Always decide at the last minute about local attractions and never check ahead .  It creates more stories to tell afterward.
Rule six – Remember, “getting there is half the fun”.
Rule seven – If you plan on doing something out west, do it AFTER Memorial Day.
Rule eight – Remember that quite often what appears to be a bad thing is actually a good thing.
Rule nine – Take the chance…that moment will never come again.
Rule ten – You can’t really appreciate nature from inside a car.
Rule eleven – At least once in your life, see the Grand Canyon.
Rule twelve – Perservere.  The best treasures take time to uncover.
Rule thirteen – Remember to spend time with those you love. People are more important than places or things.
Rule fourteen – When you get a chance, go back again.
Rule fifteen – You don’t have to go far away to find magic.
Final rule – Life is what you do for a living.