Thoughts on Mothers Day

Mike wrote this shortly after Mother’s Day 2009 The older I get, the more I realize how deep the celebration of Mother’s Day runs. For me, as a son, it was just a chance to tell Mom that I’m glad she was my Mom (and to rack up a few Brownie Points!) But as I … Read more

Memorial Day 2008

On Monday I drove down to the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery, just south of Joliet on US 53. It was Memorial Day, and I figured it was about time I paid my respects to Russ Niemann, a friend from work who died last June. The name might sound familiar, as I’ve quoted Russ often in … Read more

Veterans Day 2007

Mike is our family “conscience”. He started a tradition when he visits graves that I have try to carry on whenever I go to a cemetery. He tries to leave coins (quarters, pennys, or, if he has them, dollar coins) on gravestones. He calls them “coins from heaven”. And the intent is that kids find … Read more

Swallow Cliffs

Those of you from the Chicago area probably remember the Palos Toboggan Chutes (officially Swallow Cliffs). For those of you who haven’t.. These were probably the most awesome winter entertainment available. There are other places to go Tobogganing, some even have chutes (Ryan’s Woods on the south side was another spot that had chutes). But … Read more

Fringe People

Jeremy is Mike’s son. And fortunately for the world, he is a lot like his dad. A very caring person. He’s a teacher.. the kind you only get one of during your life. And then only if you are lucky. Here’s his reaction to this story… OK so my Dad is the one who can … Read more