Senility is a wonderful thing.

Got up late this morning.
Hurried up and changed.

Stuck some clean socks in my back pocket for when I had time to sit down and put them on.

Put on coffee for Mom.

Put dogs out, filled their food & water bowls.

Uncovered parakeets changed their food and water, gave them a morning shower with a water bottle.

Got frozen bloodworms for the turtle from freezer and slices of zucchini for the two big plecostomus, went downstairs and fed turtles and fish.

Put clothes in washer, took clothes out of dryer.

Helped Mom got potty, then gave her her dentures, meds, & eye drops, high protein boost, coffee.

Let dogs in.

Made up a batch of pillsbury weenie wraps and a batch of bacon weenie wraps for work.

Scrambled some eggs and brought out some iced coffee for Mom and Milk for me and ate breakfast with Mom in Living Room.

Played fetch and keep away with Moza and Ducky.

Washed the dishes.

Pulled up my suspenders and out on my mailman vest (a cool morning)

Sat down to put on my socks and shoes.

No socks in back pocket.

Check bathroom. No socks.
Check kitchen. No socks.
Checked basement by fish tanks and washer/dryer. No socks.
Checked dining room by parakeets. No socks.
Checked back porch where I let dogs out. No socks.
Checked living room. No socks.
Checked bedroom. No socks.

Figured I might as well get another pair out of the dresser… the old ones would show up sometime.

Got to work.
Hung up my vest.
Went out to do my truck daily truck inspection.

Friend and co-worker Diane comes up while I’m at the cargo door.
Says “Do you always carry a spare pair of socks in your suspenders??”