Nick’s Poem

Somebody sent me a poem that was written
by an elderly person.  It implied that the caretaker was looking down
on the other. It upset me and I wrote this in response while I was caring for my Dad.

A very nice poem,
not necessarily true.
Some of us young’ns
wonder what we should do.

Why do you think
it is pity we feel?
When love is the reason
that makes all this real.

Without some reaction
it’s tough to decide.
Would you rather we did it
or just stand aside?

Are you happy in there?
Should we just let you stare?
Or, should we be active?
And help keep you attractive?

An eternity to remember the past.
What do we do about tomorrow?
Do we help you get in the “damn” chair
or just let you sit there and stare?

“I do wish you’d try”
Is our way of saying.
The mechanics of living
are important to life.

How can we let
a loved one, a friend,
Sit and stare at the past
when there’s a future to tend?

It’s not whether we win or lose
but how we play the game.
And the games not over
’til it’s over.

Nicholas Vrtis – 08/17/2001

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