Truly a story worthy of at least one Dillbert strip.

When we last looked in on our ponchoed postman, he had just dumped the delivery service's darling Diane Dalley's delicious daily dunkachinno.

"Mark Mouse," a voice growled over the intercom, "come to the general supervisor's office right now." "And bring a pretzel."

Meekly, Michael Mouse stopped at the station's sumptuous snack tray, and picked out two unbroken pretzel rods on his way to the office.

"Here, Boss, I brought you TWO."

"Whatzamatta, Mouse, couldn't carry more than TWO???"

"Sorry, Boss," Michael replied, hurrying back out to the snack tray, where he took four more rods, licked each one, and returned.

"Here, Boss. Four more!"

"That's more like it," was the gruff reply from the imposing bulk behind the desk.

"Now, Matt," the Boss started.

"That's Michael," Mouse interrupted.

"Whatever," the Boss continued, barely pausing, "You are scheduled to go on vacation next week. Right?"

"Right, boss."

"Well, as you know, here at the Post Office, our work weeks start on Saturday and go through the following Friday."


"And you also know that our vacation weeks start on Sunday and go through the following Saturday."


"Well, it seems that there is a Postal Holiday on the Monday following your vacation. Columbus Day, October 8."


"Now, your normal days off are Sunday and Monday, correct?"


"So," the boss continued with increasing speed, the Post Office, out of the kindness of our heart, has decided to give you another day off to replace the one you'll be missinig on Monday, since that is your normal day off. Do you follow me?"

"Sounds fair to me," Michael responded, tentatively, never knowing the Post Office to do anything out of the kindness of its heart.

"Well, we've decided to give you Saturday, October 6th off, instead of the holiday you would normally receive."

"Okay," was the even more hesitant reply.

"Now, we could never force you to come to work during your scheduled VACATION, according to contact," the Boss went on, even more quickly.

"But, since your Saturday is now your Monday, we will be forcing you to come to work, since we are in short supply of workers, and, according to the contract, we CAN force you to come in on your Scheduled DAY OFF."

"Let me get this straight, Boss," our fearless hero summarized, "You can't make me come in on Saturday, because I'm on vacation. But since my day off is Monday, and there's a holiday on Monday, you are making my Saturday into a Monday, and are forcing me to come in on Saturday because it is now my Monday, and my vacation is over on Monday."

"You surprise me, Mouse. I didn't think you were intelligent enough to see just how kind we can be here at the Post Office. One big happy family."

"Gee, thanks, boss." our mild-mannered mailman muttered.

"Oh, one more thing, Murray," the Boss said as Mouse left the office. "Have a great vacation."

"Can I get you another pretzel, Boss?" Michael asked. ;)

Just a note. This situation IS historical. Happened to me last spring.