Mike calls these "Sweet Little Old Lady" stories... I suspect that eventually they will need to become their own category...

One of my "little Old Ladies" - the one to whom I gave this year's last narcissus bulb, had a stroke back in June. I used to see her sitting at her dining room table every Saturday. She never said anything, but beamed brightly as the bulb quickly blossomed. And ever since then, we would touch palms - her left hand on the inside of the window pane, and my right hand against it on the outside.

After she had the stroke, her daughter has invited me inside every Satuday. She's pretty much bed-ridden, in a hospital bed in the front room. I found out she's a Russian immigrant, and understands English, but never talked much in any language for a few years.

She wears the brown cloth scapula for the Blessed Virgin. At first, she couldn't move, so I placed my hand open her forehead, and said a blessing.

Then I explained that my Mom used to bless me, so I placed her hand on my forehead, and asked for her blessing. And I told her to pray for me, and that I would say a rosary for her, and pray for her.

She's made a little progress.

She raises her own hand to bless me, and we now clasp hands palm to palm, instead of through the window. And she wants to exchange a kiss on the cheek, and says "Bye Bye" when I leave.

Her daughter, grandson (and his girlfriend) and their daughter (her great-granddaughter) live with her. They've been trying their best, and seem encouraged at improvement around me.

But it's a tough situation.

(And they had a busted sump pump during our rainstorm.)

Keep them in your prayers.