For those of you who can remember phases better than strings of letter/digits here are some nonsense phrases that you can use to create a password.

Yes, these are not as secure as a true random character strings, but I have always been of the opinion that a password that you can remember without writing it down is more secure in the long run than a random string that gets taped to the underside of a keyboard.

Pass Phrase generator - V2.0

Number special chars:

Many moldy round clean boats kneel that boy. 
mmrcbktb  =>  >mrCbkt6
My boat immensely whispers all angry moldy jars. 
mbiwaamj  =>  mbiw*aMJ
Each wrench builds my yellow lovely blue shoe. 
ewbmylbs  =>  ewBmYl6s
Each dark map remorselessly eats no slippery vessel. 
edmrensv  =>  edmREnSv
Many greasy dark doors cheerfully sing each video. 
mgddcsev  =>  mGddcs3V
No cool dark finger slowly molds each arm. 
ncdfsmea  =>  NcdF$mea
Some blue uniform arms basically hurt one nose. 
sbuabhon  =>  sbUabHOn
One angry folded xray suddenly overflows no key. 
oafxsonk  =>  0Afx$onk