For those of you who can remember phases better than strings of letter/digits here are some nonsense phrases that you can use to create a password.

Yes, these are not as secure as a true random character strings, but I have always been of the opinion that a password that you can remember without writing it down is more secure in the long run than a random string that gets taped to the underside of a keyboard.

Pass Phrase generator - V2.0

Number special chars:

Many hot tame fingers kick his pretty jar. 
mhtfkhpj  =>  mht4kH+j
No cool tame vessel touchs his uniform apple. 
nctvthua  =>  Nc2vth_a
Their white ancient lamps take one folded napkin. 
twaltofn  =>  TWaLtofn
No xray enters each pretty odd moldy train. 
nxeepomt  =>  nxee+0Mt
His quick key waves some moldy upright jars. 
hqkwsmuj  =>  hq<w$Muj
All lovely jacks fall that white wild xray. 
aljftwwx  =>  alJ4tww!
Your blue quick file touchs their dirty bottles. 
ybqfttdb  =>  y6qftTd6
His kind ghost gets some bland vibrant jacks. 
hkggsbvj  =>  hkGgsB5j