For those of you who can remember phases better than strings of letter/digits here are some nonsense phrases that you can use to create a password.

Yes, these are not as secure as a true random character strings, but I have always been of the opinion that a password that you can remember without writing it down is more secure in the long run than a random string that gets taped to the underside of a keyboard.

Pass Phrase generator - V2.0

Number special chars:

Your flat green bottle jumps their plastic lamps. 
yfgbjtpl  =>  yfGBjtp7
Some ancient forbidden rats lick the uniform napkin. 
safrltun  =>  saf^l2Un
Some mixers lick all forbidden tame cool umbrellas. 
smlaftcu  =>  $ml*ft(u
His evil hose drives some odd dark openers. 
hehdsodo  =>  heH-sodO
That pretty vessel wildly hurts this vibrant apple. 
tpvwhtva  =>  2pVWhtva
This smelly green train runs all pretty apples. 
tsgtrapa  =>  2$gtRapa
My red greasy cat jumps some slippery jars. 
mrgcjssj  =>  >RgcJssj
Your red thumb gets the pretty nice zebra. 
yrtgtpnz  =>  Yr2gtpn@