For those of you who can remember phases better than strings of letter/digits here are some nonsense phrases that you can use to create a password.

Yes, these are not as secure as a true random character strings, but I have always been of the opinion that a password that you can remember without writing it down is more secure in the long run than a random string that gets taped to the underside of a keyboard.

Pass Phrase generator - V2.0

Number special chars:

That vibrant quiet cat takes a nice nose. 
tvqctann  =>  tvqc2An#
All folded clocks hit no slippery blue bear. 
afchnsbb  =>  afcHnSBb
This timid zebra eagerly nags his blue jack. 
ttzenhbj  =>  ttZenH6j
His hot vowel vexs her quiet dirty quill. 
hhvvhqdq  =>  hHvvh?-q
His odd door immediately gets no quick jar. 
hodignqj  =>  HodiG#qj
No vibrant effective nose drives your white xray. 
nvendywx  =>  #5endYwx
A timid dog kicks many slippery vibrant cats. 
atdkmsvc  =>  *tDkMsvc
The juicy pretty computer cuts no uniform bottle. 
tjpccnub  =>  tjpccN_B