For those of you who can remember phases better than strings of letter/digits here are some nonsense phrases that you can use to create a password.

Yes, these are not as secure as a true random character strings, but I have always been of the opinion that a password that you can remember without writing it down is more secure in the long run than a random string that gets taped to the underside of a keyboard.

Pass Phrase generator - V2.0

Number special chars:

A quick truck quizs their hot blue clocks. 
aqtqthbc  =>  aqTQthbC
This map drives your greasy upright hot oar. 
tmdyguho  =>  2mDyguh0
My ghost deliberately buys her quiet old wrench. 
mgdbhqow  =>  m9dbh?Ow
No juicy computer vexs this green plastic vowel. 
njcvtgpv  =>  njCv2gPv
Your hotel understands his nice kind odd vessel. 
yhuhnkov  =>  ?huhn<Ov
Some vibrant wild lamps melt my kind rainbow. 
svwlmmkr  =>  s5WlMmkr
Many odd evil vowels overflow the ancient hose. 
moevotah  =>  moe5oTAh
Their smelly mixers bite the uniform lovely soap. 
tsmbtuls  =>  tsMbtU7s