This REALLY needs a good picture to go with it.


When last we left Michael Mouse, alias MAILMAN, he was pumping gas in his LLV (alias The Portable Postal Potty).
"Hmmm," he says.
"I probably shouldn't leave this can of of Pop (soda, for you non-Chicagoans) here on top of this gas pump."
"I'll probably forget it if I put it here. . I'll put the pop INSIDE the PPP."

So, searching for his PPP keys in his many Postal Parka Pockets, he promptly puts the pop on the pump.
"Looks like it's going to get pukey out here," he thinks to himself.
"Cold, rain, sleet and snow." he adds.
"And JUST as the gloom of night is arriving."
"I'd better get my pukey-weather gear"

Opening his PPP door, the intrepid MAILMAN gets his official Postal Pukey-Weather Pouch, which contains, among other things, his foul weather gear.
Finishing up the fill-up, he hangs up the nozzle, and darts into the gas station bathroom for a quick costume change.

Having successfully darted, our mild-mannered Mike quickly enters the BP bathroom, trying to avoid attracting attention.

There, he rapidly strips to his t-shirt and shorts (without hurting himself or falling over).

Moving at blinding speed, he quickly:
Dons his official postal long-sleeve thermal long john shirt.
and his official postal uniform shirt
and his official postal hooded sweatshirt
and his official postal insulated vest
and his official postal thermal long-legged long-john underpants (with the official postal trap door optional accessory
and his official postal socks
and his official postal baggies (one for each foot)
and a second pair of official postal socks
and his official postal work shoes
and his official postal over boots

He slows down only momentarily trying to zip up his sweatshirt and vest.
Taking several attempts beofre his realizes he is trying to zip one side of his sweatshirt with the other side of the vest.

Then his tops it off with his official postal parka.

He steps gallantly into the BP station, walks suavely up to the register, and asks for the receipt for his fill-up.

He hears a sweet musical voice from behind him.
"Hey, Mike," says Diane Daley, darling of the daily delivery service.
"Sharp outfit."
"I especially like the 'no-pants' look - kind of off-beat.

Z-Z-I-I-P-P ! !

Faster than an Express Mail delivery.
Back into the bathroom.
Sure enough, there are his official postal pants.
Hanging from the door.

"Don't forget your pop." Diane yells as he speeds out of sight.

"Next time I'll use the PPP's MAILMAN cave, like I usually do," our fearless forgetful fighter of evil, crime, and sloppy service mutters to himself.

Tune in next week, when MIke Mouse faces the Postal Penguin.

Yup. Both the can of pop AND the forgotten pants really did happen to me. Only the details have been changed to protect the innocent (and improve the story.)