Mailman !
I am sure that you all want to hear the story of the first public appearance of that famous superhero from the south side of Chicago. Here it is. The first in a hopefully long series of adventures.



I'm delivering mail.

It gets cold. Clouds moved in. It gets dark. A steady rain begins.
I got my postal "safari hat" (white plastic sun/rain helmet).
I got my postal rain "cape" on. (I don't know where my rain coat is.)
Under my cape, I'm wearing my "hip bags" to carry the mail in. Two large blue canvas pouches each about the size of a bushel basket, one on each hip, held on by a large elastic belt.
The hip bags look dorky. (But they keep the weight off my shoulders & back.
The cape looks REAL dorky. Dark blue plastic with red and white stripes going around it. But it's actually kinda neat to wear. Keeps the mail drier, and allows a lot more flexibility. I can see how superheroes dig them.
My first stop is the rectory of a Catholic church. I used to deliver there a lot, but haven't been there for over a year. The receptionist is a nice lady.
I ring the bell.
She sees my "imposing" silhoutte in the door frame, dark skies behind me.
Took her awhile to recognize me as her old mailman, but she finally opens the door.
"I thought you were some kind of weirdo. Like a demented Batman or Superman or something," she says.
"I am," I said, pausing for effect, "MAIL-MAN!"
"With my helmet of super-intelligence and my super-duper utility belt of neat stuff, I am here to DELIVER justice and STAMP out evil and ZIP around the neighborhood doing good deeds," I continued.
"Do you want to see the REST of my costume." I asked, suavely.
"No thanks, I think I've had enough excitement for the night," she said.
(Which was a good thing, cause I think I forgot the rest of my costume at home.)

I handed her the mail, and said, "Till next we meet again." and I bowed to her as I turned to leave.
"Take care," she waved .

"A-r-g-h.....a--a-a-c-k." I replied, as the wind tore the cape off my shoulders and the neck piece dug deep into my throat.