The continuing saga of "MAILMAN - Caped Crusader of the Chicago Post Office".

"Good morning Miss Dalley," I said, stammering for effect, and feeling naked without my cape.

"My friends all call me Di," she answered with a smile.

"But you can call me Diane," she added.

"Mouse!" Supervisor Suzanne "Get away from Di!”

"Good-bye Miss Dilly. I mean Miss Dalley, I mean Miss Diane," I stutter, suavely.

My elbow knocks over Miss Diane Dalley's daily dunkacinno.

"PLOOP!" it goes as it lands upside down.

PLU-U-U-S-H” as the contents leak out of the lid.

"Mouse!!!!!" yells Supervisor Suzanne, hurling verbal abuse at me like stones at an unwanted stray dog.

“She smiled at me,” I think to myself.

“She smiled at me”

Well, MAILMAN fans, looks like our clutzy caped crusader has done it again. Does Diane detest this stray dog who just dumped Di’s delicious dunkacinno? And will this postal puppy piddle where he’s supposed to?